Welcome back!

Welcome new students and welcome back to my returning students! We’re very excited to dive into our next season of vocal lessons!  Here are a couple of things to remember.

  1. This isn’t an audition! Take a deep breath (because you’ll be doing a lot of that in your singing lessons, so why not start now), and remember you don’t have to have things perfect when coming into your lesson.
  2. Set some goals for yourself. We can discuss and come up with a game plan to focus your lessons and aim for your goals!  Whether you would like to be able to sing “Happy Birthday” on key, tour with your band for a month without losing your voice, or improve your musicality, there are dozens of great goals you can have as a singer. Are you looking to sing a particular genre (musical theater, opera, pop)? Would you like to sing as a hobby or as a professional?
  3. Be prepared for the basics. We will start each lessons with simple scales and vocal exercises, not only to warm up your voice to avoid injury, but to also give them an idea of your range, style and tone.