The Yo Cuz! Foundation and Kidz 4 Cuz! Showcase: “Bridging the Gap to Mental Health Awareness”

We are passionate and committed to our mission of Bridging the Gap to Mental Health Awareness, no matter what age you are.

The Yo Cuz! Foundation was founded by singer/recording artist and vocal performance coach, Debra Michaels in 2013. The foundation is committed to the mission of “Bridging the Gap to Mental Health Awareness.” Our goal is to provide a network of critical resources including support systems, educational opportunities and wellness strategies to those who live with mental illness, and the devastating effects of suicide. Yo Cuz remains dedicated to dispelling the myths that surround this disease to ensure all who suffer have access to treatment options they so desperately need.

Debra knows first-hand the devastating effects that Mental Illness can have on one’s life having survived her very personal tragedy when her fiancé of 15 years committed suicide after years of battling Mental health issues and seeking treatment. She is passionate about her cause in helping to STOP THE STIGMA and open the conversations about those who suffer from Mental Health issues such as Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, anxiety, depression and many others. There is no doubt singing, performing, and MUSIC in general, contributed to Debra’s own recovery and positive outlook on the healthy life she lives nowadays.

That bring us to Kidz4Cuz, an extension of the Yo Cuz! Family, that focuses on OUR children and today’s youth in general. Kidz4Cuz’s focal point is MUSIC and that serves as a showcase for many of Debra’s vocal students whom she directs, mentors and coaches at her Vocal Performance Music School in South Jersey. These incredibly talented kids have learned not only to sing and perform, but gain a sense of self confidence that comes with on stage performing through a platform they truly love. But most important, these young people learn and realize the importance of Mental Health.

In April of 2017, over the course of 12 hours in a recording studio, more than 20 of Debra’s students gathered together to unite in song. Using MUSIC as that platform, Kidz4Cuz! used their talents to send a message of HOPE to all those who suffer and are battling a Mental Health issue. Their message is in the music, compassionate and CLEAR … “You’ll Never Face The World Alone”…

“You’ll Never Face The World Alone” is available via Vizion Music Group wherever digital music is sold. Proceeds help fund the Yo Cuz! Foundation’s mission in the areas of Mental Health Awareness.

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