Lessons are one-on-one and typically take place once a week for 30 minutes. Half of the lesson consists of warm ups and technical exercises to develop range, breath control, pitch, flexibility and endurance. The rest of the lesson is dedicated to song work.

After evaluating the student’s goals, style and level, Miss Deb builds a customized program with exercises to work on problematic vocal areas, improve range and flexibility. It also includes specific exercises on transitioning between chest and head voice smoothly, strengthening the mixed voice, recognizing and singing different melodic intervals, to name just a few. A weekly practice plan that involves some of these areas. Once achieved the student can then move onto incorporating more areas.

Miss Deb gives song suggestions among some of their favorite songs that incorporate lessons learned, this allows the student to enjoy the journey while practicing and getting more proficient at their craft. In addition to vocal and music techniques, Miss Deb begins to tap into acting techniques. This will expand their experience of interpreting a song and becoming more confident when performing and/or auditioning.

Vocal Technique

One of the most important technical elements, among others, in learning how to sing is correct muscle coordination, that is, the physical processes involved in singing such as laryngeal action, breath support, resonance adjustment, and articulator movement and how they must be coordinated and work together for singers to sing effectively. By learning how to mix the voice the student will be able to eliminate vocal breaks and enjoy a deeper and fuller sound; by understanding how to economize the breath the singer will be able to sustain notes longer; by learning how to use the whole body as an instrument the voice will sound more resonant. Through Miss Deb’s exercises and teachings, good vocal habits are achieved, once established the student can then expand to the next levels.